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Histo Bath

  • Brand: NS Biotec
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General features:

- Thermostatic bath used to collect and dry histological samples sections.
- Histobath maintains the water temperature at the desired temperature so that the sections can be handled properly.
- Water temperature sensor designed to be on the water surface providing accurate measurement of desired setting temperature to be safe for your temperature sensitive tissues.

Technical features:
- working temperature adjustment: from +5◦C above ambient temperature up-to +70 ◦C thermostatically controlled through PID controller with safety features visual & acoustic alarm system for malfunction or over temperature.
- Working temperature adjustment (slide- dryer- plate): from +5◦C above ambient temperature up-to +100◦C through mechanical thermostat.

Structural features:
- painted steel chassis.
- Black painted base with removable Pyrex basin (capacity 2 liters) for a simple operation of water filling and emptying.
- LED daylight illuminates the basin in order to facilitate the premium sections collecting.
- Probe provided axial arm and safety device that cut off the power supply and the basin heating when the basin is removed.
- Slide-dryer plate that can house up to 24 slides, situated on the back side. 

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Slide dryer plate
Slide dryer plate 280 x 110 mm
Temperature control
Range RT +5 (Slide dryer palte) Up to 100
Range RT +5 Up to 70
General specifications
Capacity 2 L
Controller PID
Display LED
Safety over temperature protection
Analog thermal cut out Yes
Digital acoustic / visual alarm Acoustic / visual
Electrical specifications
Nominal power 400 W
Nominal voltage range 230 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Interior dimensions 200 x 200 x 55 mm
Exterior dimensions 455 x 288 x 200 mm

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