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Clinical-chemistry-analyzer (SCA 1000)

  • Brand: NS Biotec
  • Product Code: SCA1000
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- Windows CE.NET Operation System and powerful software.

- 7” TFT adjustable LCD display touch screen available (optional)

- Two holders for cuvette flow cell.

- Peltier temperature control

- 8 positions filter wheel, 7 filters in range (340nm-1000nm) plus 1 free position.

- measuring End Point, Kinetics, Two points Kinetic and Absorbance.

- Large memory up to 200 test programs and over 100,000 test results.

Power supply AC100~250V,50/60±1Hz
Weight 7KG
General specifications
Carry over ≤ 1%
CPU High speed embedded processor
Data communication RS-232, SD card and USB
Flow cell 30 µ I with peltier temperature control (25,30,37◦C)
Light source Halogen lamp
Linearity r ≥ 0.999
Memory 200 test programs and over 100.000 test results
Optics 340,405,505,546,578,620,670nm, one more optional filter
Photometric range 0.000-3.000 Abs
Printer built-in thermal printer
Repeatability CV ≤ 0.5%
Resolution 0.001 Abs
Stability of absorbency Changes ≤ 0.005 Abs per hour
Display 7" TFT color LCD disply, touch screen (optional)
Electrical specifications
Nominal voltage range 100 ῀ 250 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Exterior dimensions 420 x 310 x 152 mm

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