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- These water baths are ideal for general-purpose applications. Bath fluids can be controlled at temperatures as high as 100◦C (60◦C without cover) with 0.1◦C precision and uniformity.

- Large bath opening lets you immerse samples conveniently.

- Inside stainless steel tank in all models. The stainless steel tank is rounded corners it is so easy to clean. Hinged lid available on request allows condensation to flow back into the bath, eliminating puddles on your bench top. Lid is designed to accommodate a variety of different sized vessels.

- A circulatory motor with pump for maintaining uniformity of temperature.

- Bath can be accommodate for more than one baskets bags.

- full protection by follow up alarms Acoustic & Visual switching the heating off at any deviation of 1.0◦C above set point.

Plasma bag basket  made of stainless steel easy to clean suitable for 4 bags.

- Plasma can be loaded and unloaded without waiting for the water to be added and drained.

- pumps are needed to move before and after each cycle 

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