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Eliza Reader

  • Brand: NS Biotec
  • Product Code: E96
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·         Bichromatic, 8-channel optical system

·         More than 100,000 hours lamp life

·         Large memory up to 200 test protocols and 100,000 results

·         7" TFT LCD

·         3 shaking modes with variable time

·   26-key tactile membrane

Power supply AC 100 ~ 240V,50/60Hz
Weight 6kg
Product Eliza Reader
Code E96
Size 428mm(W)x280mm(D)x 160mm(H)
General specifications
Band width and accuracy 8nm ± 2nm
Humidity 15% ~ 85%
Input Mouse,membrane keyboard ,touch screen optional
Interface RS-232, SD card, USB
Light source Monochromatic LED with filters
Linearity > 0.995
Measure system 8-channel optical system
Microplate type 96-well plate
Read-out range 0.000 ~ 3.500Abs
Reading speed 5s with single wavelength for whole plate
Repeatability < 1%< 1%
Shaking 3 shaking modes with variable time
Stability < 0.005Abs/10min
Temperature 10°C ~ 35 °C
Wavelength 405,450,492,630,2 more filters for optional
Display 7" TFT LCD

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